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Magazines & Blogs

Quaker Life Magazine

Sacred Spaces -- Oct. 2017
The Celebrate Friendship Challenge -- Jul. 2017
Coffee with Jesus -- Feb. 2017
The Best Kind of Broken -- Nov./Dec. 2016
Daddy's Girl -- Oct. 2016
Messy Heart
-- Aug. 2016

Discipleship 101: The Master's Model in Modern Day  -- Jan./Feb. 2014 
A Unified Front  -- Mar./Apr. 2013 

Twenty-One Pearls 

Daddy's Girl -- Mar. 2015
God's IT Girls -- Sep. 2014 
Book Review: Whatever is Praiseworthy
 -- Sept. 2014 


Love Poured Out -- Sep./Oct. 2018
                                                More from the Author (blog)
Still Here? -- Jan./Feb. 2017
                                               More from the Author (blog)

Walking on Eggshells -- Jan./Feb. 2016
                                                 More from the Author (blog)
Exceeded Expectations -- May/Jun. 2016

                                                More from the Author (blog)
Daily Rituals -- Sep./Oct. 2016
                                                                           More from the Author (blog)

The Secret Place

God Hears Us -- Spring 2018
Aiming for Holiness -- Fall 2017
Exceeded Expectations -- Summer 2017
Possessed -- Spring 2017
Emotional Superpower -- Fall 2016
A Serving of Humility -- Summer 2015
Active Waiting  -- Spring 2014

Meetinghouse (Barclay Press)

Sacred Ground -- Mar 2018
Apostles Anonymous --Sep. 2016
The Biblical Guide to Getting Drunk  -- Jun. 2015
Holy Troublemaking  -- Apr. 2015
God Listens. Do I?  -- Mar. 2015

Businesses & Organizations

Samaritan Caregivers: Neighbor to Neighbor Newsletter

A Purrrfect Christmas Surprise -- Mar. 2015
The Rewards of Doing for Others -- Aug. 2014
Couples who Care - A Lot! -- Jun. 2014
It's Good to Give Back -- Mar. 2014
A Legacy of Smiles -- Aug. 2013

Friends United Meeting

Shepherding Our Potential -- Jun. 2015

31 Bits

31 Bits: Beading Strands of Hope  -- Feb. 2013

The Vision (Pentecostal Publishing House)

Transformed in the Storm -- Apr. 2015


"I can see that your use of language is not only skillful, but inspired. There is an element of spontaneity and life that the best writers have. I am a big fan of your work."

-- Bob Bledsoe, Writer (Ploughshares, Potomac Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Exit 7, Ms. Magazine) and Director of Indiana University Creative Writing Program
"Megan . . . [has] a true gift of introspection, reducing thoughts to wonderful writing, woven like a rich tapestry, leading to meaningful and candid conclusions. Some of the best I have read in 70 years God has, so far, given me."

-- Richard X. (UPPER ROOM Contributor)
"Once again, Megan, your writing blesses me . . . You make my life so much easier because your writing is clear and well executed. Great job."

-- Annie Glenn,  
Communications Editor
(Friends United Meeting)
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