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Turnabout Community Resource Center

Turnabout Community Resource Center is a non-profit connecting those struggling with addictions or mental health issues in southwestern Howard County with trusted resources. Their three guiding words are: Christ, Community, and Connection. That is exactly what my book, Finding Wholeness: A Bible-Focused Guided Journal for Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Wellbeing, is about.

Supporting Neighbors

I would love to donate this resource to the Turnabout Community but need your help! As the author, I can order copies at print cost. Each book costs $8.73 to print before taxes and shipping fees. My goal is to raise $450 for a case of 50 books by October 17th, 2022.

Would you be willing to donate the cost of at least one book to support and encourage a neighbor along their journey toward finding wholeness?

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Group therapy

How You Can Contribute

Donations can be made via PayPal (Megan L. Anderson Writing & Editing @mlawriting;; 

All money collected will benefit Turnabout Community Resource Center. I will not receive royalties or any other compensation or benefits. Any excess funds raised beyond the cost of books and applicable taxes and fees will be donated for use at Turnabout’s discretion.

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