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Megan has provided much-needed professional assistance for our small non-profit.  With only two full-time staff members, there never seemed to be enough time to post anything to Facebook, update our website or interview people for our newsletter articles.  Thanks to Megan, we have heartwarming stories for our newsletter, in addition to frequent postings on Facebook about relevant educational topics and our fund raising activities.  She has also created a following for on us Twitter!  We couldn't do it without you, Megan!

[Megan's] use of language is not only skillful, but inspired. There is an element of spontaneity and life that the best writers have. I am a big fan of  [her] work.

Being a lengthy and rambling writer myself, Megan has been a resource for me on several [academic projects] . . . Not only was she able to direct my thinking on a straight path, but she was able to tell me what she thought of a paper with an honest and constructive demeanor. In no way would she leave me hanging dry, unable to edit one of my papers. 

Jamey Henderson,
Executive Director of Samaritan Caregivers

Bob Bledsoe,
Author, Director of Indiana University Creative Writing Program

Renae Scheckelhoff,
Educator and Writer



Welcome to my website! I have been working professionally with publishers, businesses, academics, artists, charities, and first-time authors since 2012, crafting their ideas and written works into effective copy. My specialty is faith-based content such as devotionals, sermons, 

and promotional materials for ministries. 

My passion is quality storytelling, and I love both creating engaging narratives and helping others communicate their stories well, whether via fiction or nonfiction. 

How can I help tell your story? Visit my services page and contact me about your project today.

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