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Composing original content 
Green Typewriter

Base Rate: $50 per 250-word page

Rush fees may apply. All content is written and edited to standard US English unless otherwise specified in the project brief. 

My specialty is faith-based content such as devotionals, bible study curriculum, and sermons. I also create digital and print copy for businesses, organizations, and charities. Common projects include magazine articles, blog posts, essays, and promotional materials.

Manuscript Evaluation & Critique

Assessing the big picture
Book Stack

Base Rate: $10 per 250-word page ($.04 per word)

I assess your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses in order to help you prepare it for publication. Reviews include consideration of writing style; clarity and flow of ideas, arguments, and structure; character development; plot; setting; dialogue and narration; and word choice. You will be provided at least one full page of feedback. This general overview does not include editing or proofreading corrections.

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Polishing rough drafts
Calligraphy pen

Basic Copy Editing

Base Rate: $5 per 250-word page

I improve the accuracy and readability of your document while correcting issues of omission, repetition, inconsistency, and grammar.

Heavy Copy Editing

Base Rate: $12 per 250-word page

I perform all the aspects of basic copy editing as well as correcting formatting and structure, ensuring consistent style and tone, and eliminating triteness.

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Content Editing

Base Rate: $20 per 250-word page

I enhance the overall quality of your writing while maintaining your unique voice and vision. This service includes changing sentence structure, adding color and texture to the language, addressing discrepancies and contradictions, and resolving any issues preventing the work from being presented in its best possible form. Content editing is collaborative and involves considerable back-and-forth with the author.

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Perfecting the details
Ready to Get Published

Base Rate: $3 per 250-word page

I comb your writing word by word, correcting tiny yet critical errors in spelling, punctuation, syntax, grammar, and formatting. This is the final stage of ensuring your work is print-worthy.

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Moving Forward With Your Project

How do I get an estimate on my project?

Start by telling me about your project (length, format, basic details, etc.) If it’s an editing project, then I will ask you for an excerpt. I will perform a sample edit and return it to you with an evaluation of how I can polish your text for a proposed cost.

How do you set your rates?

Rates depend on several variables: length, deadlines, the type and level of editing or writing required, etc. These are factored in during the evaluation process. All rates are set competitively within industry standards.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Most clients prefer paying via check or PayPal. On the completion of your project, you will receive an invoice with a list of payment options. These options may be limited for clients outside the United States. Receipts are provided once payment is successfully processed in full.

How do I hire you?

Once we’ve discussed your project details, I will draw up a Letter of Agreement (LOA). This is a simple contract outlining each of our responsibilities and expectations: services to be rendered, deadlines, fees, copyright info, etc.  Once we’ve both signed (either digitally via HelloSign, or in hard copy), then we can move forward with your project!

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