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Debunking the Worthiness Lie

Internalizing damaging and untrue messages is an unfortunate facet of the human experience. Lately I’ve been reflecting on which ones have been most deeply etched on my heart and offering them to God so he can turn them into a design that is both beautiful and true.

One of the most common lies I would argue everyone hears is:

You are not enough.

Three vivid memories spring to mind when that message was carved into me. When I was a kid with a burgeoning interest in medicine, I told someone influential in my life that I might like to be a doctor one day. Their response was, “It would be nice having a doctor in the family, but you can’t do it. You’re just not cut out for it.”

Fresh out of college I struggled with finding my feet. I worked my butt off to break into the freelance industry and pursue my passion and calling as a writer. Eventually I started gaining traction and was being published around the world. Instead of recognizing it as the budding business it was, someone close to me referred to it as my “little writing thing,” and insisted it wasn’t a “real job.”

When my workplace created a position to promote me to, I shared the good news with family. The loudest voice dismissed it by saying it “isn’t actually a promotion if you’re not a manager.”

I believe in my potential. I believe God intends the gifts and abilities he’s given me for divine purpose. But I also bear the scars of those comments that told me I’m not enough. That my work is worthless. That there’s really nothing to be proud of. But what is the truth?

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Everything I have been able to accomplish is a gift – a precious reminder that God’s own Holy Spirit is active in and through me. And he’s not done yet!

I have internalized to some extent the lie that success and value are determined by money and status, but God says I am inherently priceless because I am his creation, chosen beloved, elected priesthood, daughter, and reflection of himself.

My value is based entirely on who he is, so I am free of the burden of earning my worth.


Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for seeing me through the perfecting lens of your love. As I practice focusing on you and returning your gaze, help me put aside the distractions of worldly pursuits. Instead of measuring my value in currency, help me save up treasure in heaven. Guide me in experiencing true fulfillment through humble service instead of wearing myself down in the pursuit of temporary status and success as defined by this fallen world. Remind me of who I am, not based on what I possess or have done, but on who you are. Amen.

What lies have been carved into your heart? I encourage you to open them to God and invite him to replace them with his freeing truth.

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