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A Season of Healing

How amazing is our God’s provision in advance of our needs?! A little over two weeks ago my mother suffered an accident that left her with two broken wrists. Unable to do anything for herself unaided, I suddenly found myself thrust back into a 24/7 caregiving role with no time to prepare the next Prayer Pause posts. But, God.

In his divine timing, the Lord paced the release of my latest book, Lead Me to the Rock: 100 Prayers for Climbing Heavenward, to overlap with the time I must divert to this season of helping my mother heal. Much like the weekly Prayer Pauses, Lead Me to the Rock pairs an original prayer with scripture to encourage you to reach higher in your spiritual journey.

I like to think of this book as a sort of thank-you to everyone, including you, who has encouraged, taught, and inspired me along my own heavenward climb through prayer. My prayer is that its contents return with interest the blessings you’ve shared with me.

May you sense the Holy Spirit’s presence in and around you, lifting you toward higher ground this holiday season.

With Love,

Megan L. Anderson

Lead Me to the Rock: 100 Prayers for Climbing Heavenward is available NOW on!

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